About us

Exciting Fashions is a pioneer of Embroided fabric and laces. The production house at Exciting Fashion has a signature on the merchandise produced here. It’s a process of seamless fusion of latest and high precession machine technology with creative mind of top designers. The delicate balance is executed with utmost care and finesse thus producing the finest quality.


The manufacturing unit is state of the art facility with the built up area of over 75,000 square feet with the latest lasser Swiss Embroidery machines. The facility is fully equipped for the welfare of its employees with emergency medical clinics, recreational and rest areas. The facility is 30 kms from international airport and in feasible proximity of a port. As the facility is in centre of industrial hub of its industry its very well connected with the local transit of train and buses.

The Company & Goals

Exciting fashion’s idea seed was sewed back in 1999 a year later in 2000 the operations were commenced and within 15years of its operations it reached a capacity to produce 30,000 square meters of fabric per day. Exciting fashion is currently working closely with almost all the top exporters in its industry exporting globally. Recently Exciting Fashion entered retail market sector and opened its first retail store at market hub of Nehru Palace in New Delhi, India. With the over whelming response in domestic market the company decided to open stores in all major cities of India and also offers international franchises for London Paris and New York early next year. Exciting Fashion has stringent policy in maintaining its quality of its production by following the three stage quality checks; On machine followed by on by the process of mending and sheering and finally at finishing.

The Team

Like any other successful company Exciting Fashion is a structured and registered Private Limited organization which has its own Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Technical Officer who are managing its various departments of finance & accounting, creative wings of designers, techies, marketing team and skilled machine operators. Company’s motto is to calibrate its health by the happiness of its employees.

Head Office

204, Guru Angad Bhawaan 71,
Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019
Phone: +91 9654141061
Email :[email protected]

Show Room

103, Guru Angad Bhawaan 71,
Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019
Phone: +91 9654141061
Email :[email protected]


Plot No. 17,
Sector-7 IMT Manesar, Gurgaon (HR)- 122051
Phone: +91 9899969479
Email : [email protected]